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Discos Humeantes · Spain

A duo for surprise and rumour, an Asturian band always striking, always hypnotizing minds, everywhere…. They had a rebirth in 2006 from the ashes of a number of modest, homemade, arcane incarnations: then, Roberto Lobo and Ernesto Avelino began their unstoppable ascent to the summits of musical creation, and became darlings for critics and audiences alike. Produced by Gijón’s floorshaker G-Kahn, their throbbing hot analog sound is the material from which they build synthetic dance punches — industrial foundations, explorations of the depths of pop landscapes, experimental wanderings into a world they alone dare enter. Poetic and subtle, then violent and brutal: no truce a find for whoever gets into the eye of the sonic storm.

Three vinyl releases in 2013. A 12″ the Hivern label, featuring remixes by Gerald Donald, Legowelt and Marc Piñol of their naughty “Cachito Turulo”. Then came “Disimulando” (Discos Humeantes, 2013), an instant hit 7″ released by the Asturian label Discos Humeantes. Their brand new LP, “Salsa de Cuervo” (Discos Humeantes, 2013), already getting glowing reviews, is also published in this same label, whose productive, symbiotic partnership with the band has helped both label and band grow immensely…

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