L.E.V. 2014

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual


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Imbalance Computer Music · Germany

Friday 02.05 · 01:25h · Theater

Lumière is an audiovisual live performance with laser projections. An exploration of synchronicity and divergence, of light and darkness, slow movements and sudden bursts of sound and motion.

Robert Henke, born 1969 in Munich, Germany, builds and operates machines that create sounds, shapes and structures. Coming from a strong engineering background, Henke is fascinated by the beauty of technical objects, and developing his own instruments and algorithms is an integral part of his creative process. His material is computer generated sound and images, field recordings, photography and light; transformed, re-arranged and modulated by mathematical rules, real time interaction and controlled random operations. Robert Henke‘s work has a particular focus on the exploration of spaces, both virtual and physical. Many of his works use multiple channels of audio or are specifically conceived for unique locations and their individual spatial properties.

The results include music on the edge of contemporary club culture, surround sound concerts, compositions in the tradition of academic computer music, audiovisual installations, site-specific sound art and publicly available software. His long term musical project Monolake, founded in 1995, became one of the key icons of a new electronic club music culture emerging in Berlin after the fall of the german wall.

Robert Henke is also one of the main creators of the music software Ableton Live, which since its invention in 1999 became the standard tool for electronic music production and completely redefined the performance practice of electronic music.

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