L.E.V. 2014

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual




Trinity is an audiovisual interactive dance piece which tells the journey of a body going through different states of perception of the space. Through movement, the body is immersed in an environment of textures and audiovisual landscapes that not only accompany but will push to a transformation process.

A transformation process achieved through the close link between the triad of movement, light and sound shaping a language that allows the expression of these elements in space, while causing profound changes in physical behavior to the body through the reverberation and echoes of its own actions.

Oscar Sol. Under the name “Electronic Performers” and intended to propose, explore and promote new forms of creation, are known the projects designed and produced by Oscar Sol in relation to the audiovisual interaction with the performing arts and especially with dance. Using the interactive technology as the main axis of his projects, tries to establish a consistent dialogue, in which all the elements without losing its own identity or expression are deeply conditioned each other during the creative process and its final representation. His proposals with a high technological component, try to achieve a clear and effective interactive effect, but at the same time try not to build on these aspects. The technology, must act transparently, accompanying narrative and pure acting as a link between the different languages.

From the audio-visual point of view, the projects are characterized by a marked digital aesthetics being develop with tools focus to sound and visual synthesis. Special attention is paid to these compositions can not be understood or fully appreciated without being executed live with all elements working on stage.

Iris Heitzinger studies contemporary dance and pedagogy at Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz/Austria. She has collaborated as freelance with different artists and companies. Besides her work as a performer Iris has been teaching contemporary dance, improvisation and partnering workshops and regular classes for professionals in Austria, Poland, Canada, the UK, Spain and Japan. Co-founder of the guinea pig collective (www.gpigs.com ) In January 2007 Iris founds the platform Miss Luiss Twisted (http://missluisstwisted.gpigs.com) which serves as a base for her for her solo work. 

Ramón Prada (aka Vittus). A Spanish composer and musician well-known with a solid background in classical music. Always updated with new technology, the music of Vittus is the fusion of string instruments and pianos with digital software, modern classical and IDM. www.ramonprada.com

Title : Trinity
Genre : Danza interactiva audiovisual
Duration : 30 minutos
Year : 2013

Original Idea : Oscar Sol
Co-creado con : Iris Heitzinger

Producido por : Electronic Performers

Coreografía : Iris Heitzinger
Interpretación : Anna Hierro
Música : Ramón Prada / Vittus
Diseño interactivo : Oscar Sol
Visuales : Oscar Sol
Vestuario : Ariadna Papiol

Colaboran : NU2′s, El Graner, Mercat de les Flors

Website : http://electronicperformers.in/trinity

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