L.E.V. 2014

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Hospital Productions · USA

Friday 2 · 03:35h · Church

Prurient, Vatican Shadow, Christian Cosmos, Machinegun Warfare and the list goes on. Vatican Shadow is one of the most exciting and cutting-edge noise musicians in the world.

Dominick Fernow’s explorations into cold synth-scapes take elements from drone, techno, 80s punk, and even Quranic ayas, and filter them through the broken comms links of a burnt-out Black Hawk. Among several aliases, his two main projects Prurient and Vatican Shadow have been most widely-noted, but the sheer volume of Fernow’s work renders all the projects a certain unanimity.

After throwing himself in the deep end of the 90s industrial cassette scene, Fernow’s Prurient guise emerged as a dedicated experimentalist, combining elements of EBM, drone, and metal into his liberated noise excursions. With an avalanche of releases mostly on his own Hospital Productions label, the Prurient oeuvre runs the gamut from screeching feedback and distortion, to pathological mumbling and demented screams. More recently Fernow’s Vatican Shadow moniker has emerged to explore industrial abstract techno while at the same time highlighting governmental subterfuge, with several albums and cassettes, such as Kneel Before Religious Iconsand Ghosts Of Chechnya. Fernow’s catalogue is as compelling as it is diverse, and continues to shake the slumbering masses from their cocoon of spoon-fed media narcolepsy.

- Hospital Productions

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Vatican Shadow – Cairo Is A Haunted City.

Vatican Shadow – Shooter In The Same Uniform As The Soldiers.

Vatican Shadow – September Cell (The Punishment)