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Tri Angle · United Kingdom

Saturday 3 · 04:35h · Church

Vessel is the pseudonym of 24 year old Bristolian Sebastian Gainsborough. After rising to prominence in 2011 through acclaimed releases for left_blank and Astro-Dynamics, in early 2012 Seb signed with the all conquering Tri Angle Records (home to Balam Acab, oOoOO, Holy Other, Clams Casino, The Haxan Cloak) to release his debut album, “Order Of Noise” (Tri Angle Records, 2012).

Using techno and house as a jumping off point Vessel manages to twist these things into something unconventional and alien, often creating music that sounds as if it’s rhythmically out of control when in fact it’s all tightly controlled chaos. It’s a testament to Vessel’s talent how he manages to rein all his ideas and sounds in with so much thoughtful precision. Veering from the spaced out, futuristic dub sounds of ‘Stillborn Dub’, to the pulsating mystical ambience of ‘Aries’, through to tracks like ‘Lache’ and ‘Court Of Lions’ which seem to invert the traditional notions of what a club track should be, Order Of Noise is an album saturated in ideas that manages to stand out as a wholly coherent statement of intent for the future.

Taking influence as much from the bass heavy heritage of the city around him as from sounds emerging far further afield, Seb creates exciting, unclassifiable music. From the EBM pulse of Nylon Sunset, the warped boogie of Wax Dance, through to the recent industrial-tinged album taster Court Of Lions, there is a unique grasp of rhythm and an undeniable musicality at work in his productions.

As part of the Young Echo collective alongside fellow left_blank artist El Kid, and Punch Drunk signees Kahn & Zhou, Seb is at the forefront of a groundbreaking generation of new producers.

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Vessel – Court Of Lions.