L.E.V. 2014

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual


LABoratorio de Sonido

Sound LAB

Conceived as a space for experimentation in the various practices of contemporary sound art, the Sound LAB aimed at fostering and providing technical and creative support to contemporary art practices related with sound following three lines of action: production, research and education. The Sound LAB is part of Plataforma 0. Production Center, the area of ​​research, production and resources of LABoral. Located in a 122 square meters compound, in the southern area of LABoral, the Sound LAB is divided into three areas: achiving-documentation, listening room-exhibition area-experimentation workshop and control room.

During its first year, the Sound LAB will focus its activity on the relationship between space and sound. To this end, work will be developed in fields related with the connection of acoustics with technology, sound spacialisation, radio spectrum… paying also attention to the construction of synthesisers, controllers, microphones and listening equipment or also, programming for artists and musicians using different tools, such as Pure Data, chuck or supercollider. All of this, obviously, following the line of work of Plataforma 0. Production Center of LABoral. In other words, focusing on the use of digital manufacturing equipment and machines, in search of new forms of production which outline a new industrial concept.

Mark Fell is the artist in residence at the Sound LAB during the L.E.V. 2014 dates, and his work can be seen from May the 2nd.

Free entry with festival pass.