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BMG/Rephlex · Italy

Gianluigi Di Costanzo (Bochum Welt) has been releasing music on Aphex Twin´s label, Rephlex Records, and Sony Music Japan for several years.

His 2009 double album, Robotic Operating Buddy (Rephlex), was regarded by The Wire magazine as one of the top 15 electronic albums of that year.

Di Costanzo’s music shows a pronounced fascination for the technologies of sound, such that his style has been described as “a sci-fi love story.”

His interests in the science of music making have led to Gianluigi varied involvement with the likes of Thomas Dolby and his multi-media company, Beatnik Inc., on productions for David Bowie and the Guggenheim museum.

His new album GOOD PROGRAMS (to be colored in yellow) (Rephlex / BMG) was released in 2014.

LEV Festival will be Bochum Welts first live performance in Spain.



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