L.E.V. 2015

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual




Ghostly International · Poland

Jacaszek’s work, is a melange of classical instrumentation—harpsichords, woodwinds, strings—and blurring, rubbed-down electronic textures, all of which makes listening an intensely cathartic, exploratory experience.

This is, more than anything else, music as a mind and body exploration.

And if it’s all a tad too pretentious for you, then just don’t think about it that way. High-minded music doesn’t have to be consumed high-mindedly.

You can just as easily listen to Jacaszek’s overtures and feel that they’re simply gorgeous, because they are.

You should just go ahead and dip into the strangely beautiful world of Michal Jacaszek.

Supported by Culture.pl, City of Gdansk and Instituto Polaco de Cultura:

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