L.E.V. 2016

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual


L.E.V. arrives at CURTOCIRCUÍTO Festival with cutting-edge art pieces and AV directs

L.E.V. Festival will be one of the leading festivals of the next edition of CURTOCIRCUITO, the International Film Festival of Santiago de Compostela.

Thus, the participation of L.E.V. in Curtocircuito will consist of a projection of art pieces, which try to offer an approach to the spirit of the festival, and two live performances that escape from the traditional idea of “concert” to compose performances that combine music and video.

L.E.V. selection will be screened in NUMAX on Saturday 10th October. It collects a set of proposals that experiment with cutting-edge visual motifs to develop new narratives linked directly with sound.

This fusion of music and video is particularly important in the direct of Yro, French artist who was one of the great sensations of the last L.E.V. His show Triangles Irascibles is a cinematic experience like no other. It is a “one-man-show” which manipulates photos directly, while selecting extracts that creates musical synesthesia, echoes and audiovisual geometries. The show will take place in the SGAE Foundation on Saturday night October 10th.

It will be followed by the performance of Skygaze and the Asturian collective Fium. The sounds of Skygaze, who is already a reference on the national scene, move between downtempo, ambient, hip hop and future jazz, in the wake of Flying Lotus.

The tickets for this double show are available now through the Curtocircuito website. The price is  8 euros in advance and 10 at the box office.