L.E.V. 2016

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual



Workshop · MAP ON MASK

The workshop, which will run on LABoral Industrial Art and Creation Centre, is aimed to be a space to link playfulness and video mapping research.

During 4 days, the students will explore new techniques for software, electronics, LED lighting, video mapping and interactive installations – all in one place.

The workshop will be taught by Mike Latona, aka Los Hermanos, visual artist, VJ, mapper, painter and graphic designer. In 2013 he joined the Mapping Festival (Geneva) team to develop stage designs as well as curating exhibitions and activities. He is also responsible for the Bam Festival (Lièje) and MapMap, open software and video mapping developed in collaboration with Alexandre Quessy and Sofían Audry


DAY 1: Theory
– General introduction
– New MadMapper features
– Introduction of MiniMAD device
– Making teams
– Practice

DAY 2: Map on Masks
– Making of projection mapping surfaces: origami masks
– Creation of video contents
– Practice: projection mapping on the masks using Modul8, MadMapper, Syphon, MapMap

DAY 3: MiniMad and Interactive Mapping
– Making of an interactive projection mapping installation using social networks, live web feeds, a camera, a Kinect, a MIDI controller and OSC control from other devices like smartphone and iPad
– Practice: interactive mapping with MadMapper

DAY 4: Teamwork. Presentation of the results


Venue: LABoral Industrial Art and Creation Centre

Date: April 25, 26, 27, 28

Shedule: 11:00 to 18:00 h

Participants: 12

Aimed to: creators, programmers and designers. Good computer skills, good knowledge of video and/or mapping/VJing is required. A newbie mapper can follow the workshop. Software basics will be reviewed before introducing the new features. An introduction to welding will be provided.

Click here to register:  http://www.laboralcentrodearte.org/es/educacion/modul8-madmapper

Registration period until April 20th, 2016.

Registration fee: 50 euros (20% off with carné de socio anual de Plataforma 0)

This activity takes place during L.E.V. Festival and is part of ENCAC (European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation),supported by the programme Creative Europe and leaded by LABoral.

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