L.E.V. 2016

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Nothings66 / Blueberry Recordings · JP

Ametsub is making music based in Tokyo.

He is also a backpacker who loves polar exploration, Icyland.

The previous album “The Nothings of The North” has gotten big evaluation from wide listeners of world. It was chosen as Best Disk in 2009 of Ryuichi Sakamoto and built a firm unique position in the scene. Last year, he was suggested from Ryuichi Sakamoto, and did improvisation session with him at Noda shrine in Japan. Boris Blank also picked up Ametsub album on his 10 Favorite Records.

In SonarSound Tokyo, he played show with Daito Manabe. In Japan he has supported for oversea artist’sSOLO in japan. Such as Actress, Tim Hecker, Plaid, Loscil. And he has remixed Tycho.

Long-awaited newest Album “All is Silence” is released. It also has gotten massive response in world. A succession of feeling of floating drifting melodies that seems to remind an endless trip. The sound-scape like a spectacular nature, the solemn horizon of landscape, the silence of the evening, fluttering reminiscence in the old tape, the sound of reverb from snow landscape. The press has said of him that he is capable of transforming the urban blues sound, the chill of daily life in Tokyo in a seamless progression of electronic nostalgia. Instrumental hip hop, clicks n ‘cuts, contemporary music, everything is absorbed and processed by Ametsub, spinning some songs which reflect that Akihito, the pianist, has what they call “the magic”.



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