L.E.V. 2016

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual





A project born in 2007, Komatsu is the most personal alter ego of Hector Sandoval (50% of well-known techno heroes Exium). A project built over the natural union between the most melodic IDM and the spectral avant-techno, over the sound as generator of emotions and over a varied and solid background of influences that has led him to create a really personal sound.

On the occasion of our tenth anniversary, Komatssu comes back to L.E.V. for a new live show, playing all the material he has produced since 2012, after releasing his album El poso que da el tiempo.

Unreleased material, some new tracks written specifically for this show, and new gadgets on stage will feature this new live event full of emotion and intensity.

Besides, we will be able to enjoy Komatssu twice, as he will also play a session in Club Lanna, inspired by the artists and projects that have attended the Festival during its tenth editions.

A very special opportunity to take a sonic trip down memory lane and review the career of one of L.E.V.’s favorite artists.




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