L.E.V. 2016

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual




Editions Mego · ES

LCC (acronym of Las CasiCasiotone), are a duo from Asturias, northern Spain. They have released their first LP ‘d/evolution’ on Editions Mego, selected among The Best Albums of 2014 by specialized media. ‘d/evolution’ has also been remixed as an EP.

This year they have been invited by EMS Stockholm where they have started to produce their next release and have been working with the legendary modular synthesizer Buchla 200 and Serge.

Recently, they also have participated in various compilations on comfortzone and Modern Obscure Music.

LCC have designed and produced sound for a/v shows, performances, cinema, spoken word projects and video installations. They have made several soundtracks for cinema, as the award-winning documentary ‘Ciutat Morta‘ (Selected by San Sebastián Film Festival among others), ‘La Llucha’ (tv show based on the honoree documentary Remine), ‘Se dice poeta’ and ‘Tarajal’.

They have been working and playing in renowned venues and art centers as Sónar, L.E.V., Art’s Birthday Party, SAT Montreal, Lieu Multiple, CCCB and LABoral, among others.






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