L.E.V. 2016

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual





Digital artist based in Montreal, Mathieu Le Sourd (Maotik) focuses its work on the creation of immersive multimedia environments and generative visuals. His work has recently been presented in various festivals around the world, such as Live Cinema in Rio, the Plums Festival in Moscow, Visiones in Lima, Mutek Festival in Mexico and the British Film Institute in London.

His work belongs to the sphere of generative design. He designs its own visual tools by generating animations from algorithms and creating 3D worlds to transform the perception of space.

Lead of the interactive team at Moment Factory in 2011, he achieved large scale projects such as the multimedia experience in the new terminal airport in Los Angeles or generative visuals for Nine Inch Nails world tour. In 2013 he produced the immersive multimedia performance DROMOS. Presented in the the SATopshere during the Mutek festival in 2013, the performance critically acclaimed was widely disseminated by the media.

Always in search of new artistic challenges in a technical field more stimulating, he multiplies collaborations with sound artists and scientists in order to continue his research on the relationship between art and science.





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