L.E.V. 2016

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual



Mile Latona&MarineMaschine

La Casa de las sombras · Be

La casa de las sombras, a first collaboration between the digital artist Mike Latona and Marine Maschine, for sound creation.

The performance consists of 2 hours of live-painting side by side with mapping video.

Elements will be revealed together helped by a great sound designing.

The theme is about the mixed architecture from Asturias and espacially Gijon, the hometown of Mike Latona. An interesting combination made from the skyline of the Spanish coast, an assembly of de-structured houses, in addition to google maps glitches, all covered by lights, shades and shadows.
Mike Latona, aka Los Hermanos, has been a visual artist since 2000; VJ, mapper, painter, graphic designer influenced by street art. In 2013, he joins the Mapping Festival team in Geneva and develops ideas for space and stage designs, while providing the signage and workshops for the event. Mike Latona is also the creator of the Bam Festival in Liege – Belgium and of the new video mapping, open source  software MapMap, created in collaboration with the Quebec artists Alexandre Quessy and Sofian Audry.

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