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presents autopsy.glass · CA

Montreal native Myriam Bleau is one of the most promising artists in the international scene.

Composer, digital artist and performer, she explores the limits between musical performance and digital arts, creating audiovisual systems that go beyond the screen.

Her presence on the popular music scene is influenced by her practices which integrate hip hop, techno and pop elements.

Her work has been presented and recognized internationally: Prix Ars Electronica 2015 (AT), Elektra (CA), Trans- mediale (DE), Sonica (UK), Scopitone and Nemo Biennale (FR).

She presents two audiovisual performances, her acclaimed Soft Revolvers and the world premiere of her new work, autopsy.glass, the result of a two week residency in LABoral Art Centre auspiced by the International Network ENCAC, of which L.E.V. forms part, along with other international festivals such as CTM Festival, Ars Electronica, Resonate, Elektra, Le lieu Unique, LABoral, among others.


autopsy.glass is an audiovisual performance that explores the sonic, visual and symbolic potential of the wine glass. Through live manipulations, sometimes delicate, sometimes violent, the performer composes a musical and luminous scene made out of resonances and debris, catalyzing that peculiar tension associated with anticipated destruction.

Credits: Conception, composition and performance : Myriam Bleau


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Europa Creativa_200_100ENCAC    Quebec


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