L.E.V. 2016

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual


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Oscar Mulero / Monochrome

Pole Group · ES

L.E.V. Festival will host the premiere of Monochrome, Óscar Mulero new live project.

The Revillagigedo Palace Chapel will host the dark, brainy electronic sounds of one of the most notorious European names in techno music, Óscar Mulero. Throbbing beats and thick atmospheres.

Oscar Mulero, a truly one of a kind artist, embraces different scenes but always manages to contribute his personal vision. His unique style comes from an obsessive devotion to sound. His innate creativity makes him jump from dense, deep techno sounds (released on his own label Pole Group) to more experimental electronica.

A constantly evolving artist that visits L.E.V. for the first time to premiere his new, yet unreleased work, in which he departs from his usual techno style to show us a more experimental side.

The live show, an experimental improvisation around slow but rhythmic sequences, will be played live with a combination of hardware and software, including synthesizers, drum machines and sound effects.

A sonic landscape about an hour long, mainly featured by rhythm: live deconstructed, processed, altered and tweaked rhythms, with some occasional, subtle atmospheres, tiny drones and restrained melodic passages.





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