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Stefan Betke aka Pole was born and raised in Düsseldorf. After a 7 year stay in Cologne, where he was already working on his, later highly respected, Trilogy (“1″“2″, & “3″, released between 1998 and 2000) he moved to Berlin in 1996 where he became a Mastering Engineer for Vinyl and Mastering.

In 1999 he started his own label ~scape together with Barbara Preisinger as well as his new Studio for CD Mastering called “scape mastering”. After releasing two 12inches and an album on Daniel Millers famous Mute Records label in London his solo album “Steingarten” came out on ~scape in 2007. Mid 2008 ~scape reissued his earlier trilogy as a box set.

September 2011 Stefan Betke is founding a new artist label named Pole music. He rediscovers and reworks the characteristic warmth and dubby deepness of his sound and returns to slow, but funky and grooving beats. Pole starts his new label with the 12inch Trilogy “Waldgeschichten” followed by an album in 2013. These releases reconnect pole’s latest sound visions with his earlier work on the edge between electronic club music, urban dub and avantgarde, the sound for which pole was always well known and respected!

Pole, one of our favorite artists, brings us his first studio album in eight years: Wald. This very special project, influenced by long walks in the woods, is divided in three acts, a structure inspired by the trees’ shapes, their verticality and their tangling branches. Pole’s Wald conjures a new, dub-wise sound universe full of tension and hazy atmospheres.




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