L.E.V. 2016

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual


LEV 2016_Yro&Sati_Bio2


Inside the black box · FR

A black shape cuts through space towards a distant planet. In this surreal world shaped by unique landscapes, mystery surrounds the Black Box. On stage, Yro and SATI duo shape the film through objet manipulation and live electronic music. Will this journey reveal the content of the Black Box ?

During the show Yro reveals objects that form the basis for this animated film. Light sculptures, moire patterns, origami filmed by the cameras on stage create geometric landscapes populated by unexpected characters. The film also includes 3D sequences that carry further the adventure of the mysterious box.

The ambient electronic compositions played by Erwan Raguenes from SATI fit perfectly with the monochrome images of this timeless film.

Inside the Black Box, a singular show, a sensitive film revealed as much on stage as on the screen.

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