L.E.V. 2016

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual




Opened in October 2007 after more than two years of intense renovations that have given it excellent acoustics and a faultless ability to accommodate all kinds of shows, the Theater of the Laboral is today the main theater of Asturias and one of the best of northern Spain. We will enjoy a leisurely schedule focused on showing some of the most shocking audiovisual proposals nowadays at this venue during both days.


LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre

LABoral will be the venue where the night programme be celebrated on Friday and Saturday. Furthermore, this space hosts the Sound LABoratory, a special area in LABoral exclusively dedicated to the Sound experimentation. In this edition, Myriam Bleau will take up a residency programme to develop her new audio-visual performance autopsy.glass. This project is included in ENCAC activities (European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation), network which Laboral and L.E.V. belong. This project will be presented in small format throughout the festival



In this edition L.E.V. will have a new venue. The “Nave” is an old industrial building situated in Laboral University, formerly designed to the professional training and education. At the present this building has been renovated and is an important part of the Laboral Arte Centre. This venue will host the night-programme where we will enjoy audio-visual performances such as Kuedo Live a/v feat Werkflow, Alex Smoke feat, Florence To, Dasha Rush, Robert Lippok or Sunny Graves and lives as Monolake 2016 Surround, Komatssu, or Biosphere who will presented his famous Patashnik.


Atlantic Botanic Garden

The Atlantic Botanic Garden is the first botanical garden in the north-western region of Spain and what makes it different from other gardens is that this is just one specialised in our environment that focuses on the flora and vegetation of the Atlantic regions.

The Botanic Garden, one of the most charming settings of the Festival, will host part of the daytime events. Asturian artists LCC and Bass Boss will add to other already announced acts such as Pole and Ametsub.


Laboral University's Café

 On the days of the festival, the Laboral University´s Café will be open in the afternoons. The cafeteria will be a break-out area and meeting place for attendees. On Saturday the 30th there will be a range of activities organized by Electronic Laboratory in collaboration with Jägermeister. The Jägermusic Showcase is an event that aims to support Spanish musicians on the rise.

LEV2016_Mudeo Barjola_Bio_1

Trinidad Chapel. Barjola Museum

The Trinidad Chapel is located in the Barjola Museum, an historical building in the city centre of Gijón. It is a place traditionally dedicated to temporary exhibitions. The other part of the museum houses the permanent collection of Juan Barjola works, an indisputable benchmark of Expressionism. In this occasion the Chapel will host the intervention of the French artista Joanie Lemercier Wall Drawing LEV 2016. Official opening are held on the April 28th and will be open until Sunday, 1st of May, inclusive.


Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto (CCAI)

The Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto (CCAI) is a reference place for the artistic production and cultural creation for the city of Gijón. It is a space for the artistic and cultural expression which guarantees an exceptional equipment. In the Sala 1 we will enjoy the original propose Mécaniques Discursives. It is an audio-visual installation make by Fred Penelle and Yannick Jacquet, both are members of the well-know visual label AntiVJ.

The Collegiate of San Juan Bautista. Revillagigedo Palace

LEV2016_Colegiata_Cabecera The Collegiate of San Juan Bautista forms part of the Revillagigedo Palace, an historical and emblematic building in the popular district of Cimadevilla. This venue has been adapted to host art exhibitions, meetings and a range of events related to the new artistic trends. The Collegiate will host the performance of the German artist Sonic Robots (Moritz Simon Geist) who will present his show Glitch Robot and Oscar Mulero with his new Project Monochorome.

LEV 2016_Lana Jueves Cabecera Web

Lanna Club

In collaboration with Lanna Club, L.E.V. will be offer two special nights. The opening party will be on Thursday April 28th and the closing party will be on 1st of May.