L.E.V. 2016

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual



Convocatoria WEB

Robert Lippok and L.E.V. Festival are celebrating Robert birthday and X anniversary of LEV together.
They are really motivated and, for that, challenge the public to a singular and friendly call for participation.

The attractive first prize will be a Korg Volca Sample which contains a pleasant surprise: a Library with Robert Lippok´s personal sounds, a versatile sonic diary.

Download HERE the document with Robert Sound Library and join us in this creative adventure.

You can send your work to: objects@levfestival.com till July 15. 

The jury will be formed by Robert Lippok himself, Elena Gómez (Radio3/Atmósfera) and the L.E.V. Festival staff.

Dear music lovers,

i made a little birthday gift to my favorite Spanish festival L.E.V. and to you all, a collection of some of my sonic sources im using at the moment.

One of my first instruments, back in the 80s, was an EMU EMAX I sampler. Some of you might know this machine with its tiny memory of just 2 MB. Ever since i love sampling. My approach to this technology is direct and rather simple. Beside musical instruments i use a pretty wide range of sound sources. I often collect objects on my journeys. Besides many other things i found some great sounding drift wood at a beach in Uraba / Colombia, or an old Russian jerrycan which creates steel drum like tones.

The dahlem sounds been recorded at the music department of the Ethnologisches Museum in Dahlem, Berlin. A truly amazing collection of Instruments from all over the world. The centaur_perc sounds are with me for some years now. Originally created for a life performance with Ludovico Einaudi at Villa Adriana in Rome almost ten years ago. They appear in some of my productions. I can´t remember how i done them. I think i´ve used a Logic Audio EnVerb which i love.

If you like you can layer the distotom_loops. Together they build a quite nice rhythm. The random_pulse_loops been made with a Waldorf Puls I. Its my favorite synthesizer for bass. In this case i´ve used the random sound function. I was curious about what kind sounds the synthesizer produces „without a human touch“. The selection took about 3 hours and i think i pressed a few hundred times the random button. I did not save the results into the memory. They now only exist in this collection. The Midi timing is sometimes not 100 percent stable but i like those little shifts and drifts. The tempo was set to 120 bpm but sometimes the machine had its own will. 

Here and there i´ve added some reverb ( a Lexicon PCM plug-in among others ) I do that in my own productions from time to time. The fx amount is an essential part of the sounds so i didn´t want to provide them in a dry version.

Of all the microphones i used during the working process i liked the Microtech Gefell M930 in combination with a Neumann V476 pre-amp best. It creates a very rich, transparent and deep image. Highly recommended. 

All sounds been treated with pure analog processing @ Tapewave Mastering by Giovanni Ferliga.


I hope the library gives you some inspiration for your work. You are of course very welcome to use the sounds in your own production with no restrictions. I would love to hear some of the results.

Best wishes,

Robert Lippok


Many thanks to Thaddi Hermann for lending me his Roland TR-808, to Surreal Machines / Pete Downling and Matt Jackson for letting me use a beta version of Impact, they fabulous new transient designer plugin and a big, big thank you to Giovanni Ferliga for mastering all the material in such a sublime way.