L.E.V. 2016

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual


The Collegiate of San Juan Bautista. Revillagigedo Palace


The Collegiate of San Juan Bautista forms part of the Revillagigedo Palace, an historical and emblematic building in the popular district of Cimadevilla.

This venue has been adapted to host art exhibitions, meetings and a range of events related to the new artistic trends.

The Collegiate will host the performance of the German artist Sonic Robots (Moritz Simon Geist) who will present his show Glitch Robot and Oscar Mulero with his new Project Monochorome. This activities will be held on 1st of May. The Schedule will soon be available.

Plaza del Marqués, 2, 33201, Gijón.

Visiting hours during the LEV Festival
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free of charge

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The work of Sonic Robots (Moritz Simon Geist) is about some of the most transcendent issues about the near future: our perception of technology, the robotization of society and artificial intelligence, always from the most ludic, entertaining side of electronic music.

Sonic Robots will present, again at the Revillagigedo Palace Chapel, the musical performance GLITCH ROBOT, all created live by robots, to explore the borders between machine noise, the intricacies of its mechanics and robotic bass music.

The machines used in this performance were made out of recycled and 3D printed components: hard discs, power relays, motors, solenoids… This experience has been created with the help of pioneer band Mouse On Mars, which will be accompanied by Sonic Robots in their forthcoming and spectacular live show.




LEV2016_2-Osca Mulero_Credits-Javier Bejarano_espacios

The Revillagigedo Palace Chapel will host the dark, brainy electronic sounds of one of the most notorious European names in techno music, Óscar Mulero. Throbbing beats and thick atmospheres.

Oscar Mulero, a truly one of a kind artist, embraces different scenes but always manages to contribute his personal vision. His unique style comes from an obsessive devotion to sound. His innate creativity makes him jump from dense, deep techno sounds (released on his own label Pole Group) to more experimental electronica.

A constantly evolving artist that visits L.E.V. for the first time to premiere his new, yet unreleased work, in which he departs from his usual techno style to show us a more experimental side.