L.E.V. 2016

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual



Laboral University’s Café

 On the days of the festival, the Laboral University´s Café will be open in the afternoons. The cafeteria will be a break-out area and meeting place for attendees. On Saturday the 30th there will be a range of activities organized by Electronic Laboratory in collaboration with Jägermeister.

The Jägermusic Showcase is an event that aims to support Spanish musicians on the rise.

On Saturday April 30 at the Laboral University Cafeteria we will enjoy live shows by BSN Posse (Málaga),  and JMII contributed by Jägermusic, and Condres (Asturias), supported by Festival L.E.V.

Málaga’s BSN Posse have created one of the most powerful albums in the last years: Southern Trax, chosen by critics and fans as one of the best of 2015.

Spanish Footwork heroes BSN Posse’s highly melodic music combines deep frequencies from London bass music with hip-hop, jungle and sampledelia. JMII, from the Hivern label, invites us to a live show full of dance beats connected to Detroit House and visionaries as Model 500 or Laurent Garnier. Surely one of the most playful acts in L.EV. Festival.

Condres is the alter ego of Luis Sierra, who started making music on 2002 under the moniker Penca Catalogue. He recreates the inexhaustible British Continuum Hardcore phenomenon, infected with traces of pop music and shoegaze layers. A really amazing trip that doesn’t follow the rules of that mind’s invention we call time, boasting with its best weapon, the mixture of styles, with strength and serenity.