L.E.V. 2016

Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual



Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto (CCAI)

The Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto (CCAI) is a reference place for the artistic production and cultural creation for the city of Gijón. It is a space for the artistic and cultural expression which guarantees an exceptional equipment. In the Sala 1 we will enjoy the original propose Mécaniques Discursives. It is an audio-visual installation make by Fred Penelle and Yannick Jacquet, both are members of the well-know visual label Antivj.

With the support:

Cultura y Educacion

C/Jovellanos, 21. 33201 Gijón

CCAI Contact:
Telephone: +34 985 181 001
Website: www.cultura.gijon.es

Visiting hours during the LEV Festival
– Thursday, April 28th Abril. open until 21:00h

– Friday, April 29th and Saturday, April 30th, Sunday, 1st of May: from 11:00 to 21:00 h.

Ticket price
free of charge.



FRED PENELLE & YANNICK JACQUET. Mécaniques Discursives


While the passage of time seems to accelerate every day, Fred Penelle and Yannick Jacquet offer a pause, a suspension, a breath. A strange mechanism stretches across the wall, populated with shadowy chimeras. They are mysterious and yet somehow familiar. Is this a laboratory experiment or the plan for a future network?

Minutely constructed like a fine clock, it traces connections, routes, genuinely-false, looping itineraries, inviting escape, inviting dreams. The narrative is deconstructed like a thousand-storied film script. Every effort is made to lead astray, to turn around, to forge ahead. Time is shredded, decomposed, lost and yet everything references it.

Mécaniques Discursives is like a parenthesis between two epochs: Gutenberg’s and Big Data’s. By contrasting the oldest form of image reproduction (woodcutting) with the most recent digital technologies, the installation straddles centuries and contracts time.


Yannick Jacquet is Legoman. 

Born in Geneva in 1980, lives and works in Brussels. A graphic designer by training, Yannick Jacquet now mainly devotes himself to moving images. His work is characterised by a desire to step outside of traditional projection formats and locate video in space. It mainly comes in the form of audiovisual performances, installations and stage design. His work is often in- situ and is strongly influenced by questions connected to architecture.

He regularly works with a number of artists and more particularly with those under the label AntiVJ where he is one of the founding members.


Fred Penelle is a printmarker, to which he adds his characteristic imaginary worlds.

“In just under ten years, Frédéric Penelle (Brussels 1973), winner of the Art contest prize at the end of 2007, has given engraving a sudden burst of energy through his novel use of it in a way that is fundamentally original, malicious and as funny as it is serious.The installation of each exhibition places on a wall a swarm of characters and objects which mix, either play- fully or seriously, times, epochs, drawing, paining, black, colour, old images and whatever else besides, to tell, not one, but a thousand tangled tales in which each will recognise his own according to his imagination, what he has lived through, his dreams or concerns.In a heterogeneous set astonishingly coherent in its linear weirdness like a frieze, starting from a personal my- thology that brings together images known to all it holds up a portrait of the world that is surprising yet familiar at the same time. And this arrangement that is playful, amusing, inventive, sometimes threatening and also tragic in its device, constantly gives the impression that it might set itself in motion as if it was a vast comedy put on by actors who bear a strange resemblance to us. Might it be possible that we are taking part unawares? Very inspired and convincing.” (C.L.)

(la libre belgique 16/01/08)