Byetone & Markus Heckmann present “Pilot” special live A/V

raster-noton. De/Ca

There have been various cooperations and collaborations between raster-noton and Derivative over the last eight years, reaching from label presentations (for example, at OFFF festival in Portugal) to individual visualizations for single artists of the label (for example, Alva Noto’s “Univrs” live show). Now there will be a first audio-visual collaboration between the musician Byetone and the visual artist Markus Heckmann. Their joint work “Pilot” is to be presented as a world premiere at LEV festival 2017, for which they are currently working on a special visual setup.

Byetone aka Olaf Bender, label co-founder of raster-noton and the man in charge of its graphic design, is also largely responsible for the label’s shift in recent years, from its original sound towards more dance floor friendly music. Following his two most recent and essential LPs signed under the Byetone pseudonym, and the Diamond Version alias (a side project with Alva Noto aka Carsten Nicolai), he is now working on his new album Universal Music to be released in late 2017.

Heckmann is a Technical Director with Derivative, the makers of TouchDesigner, where since 2006 he works on commercial and artistic projects alike spanning major theme park attractions to public video displays, art installations, live visual projects for musicians and the development of fully fledged control applications. Apart from project and development work, Heckmann is active promoting TouchDesigner and teaching its uses in the fields of art and technology to the interested public at companies, festivals and conferences.


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