Daniel Iregui presents Control No Control


CONTROL NO CONTROL is an interactive LED sculpture that invites the audience to use their hands and body to act on its sound and graphics.

The full cycle of audio-graphical compositions goes through five states, each exploring a geometric pattern, its properties, its audio representation and how it reacts to bodily gestures.

By placing this sculpture in a public space with minimal instructions on how it works, the audience is left to explore by themselves how to get control of the visuals and the sound presented. Everything that touches its surface has an influence, but some movements trigger more complex transformations and this becomes clear as the participant engages with the piece.

Is the audience in control? Do they follow a path that was designed from the beginning? The idea of shaping a behavior and the notion of control is the motivation for creating this work.

Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1981, Daniel Iregui currently lives and produces all his work from Montréal, Canada. Founder of Iregular, an interactive art and design practice in Montreal, he has work in the field of interaction design for almost 10 years.

Art director made programmer, Daniel creates interactive experiences and light sculptures where design is as important as technology. He is very intrigued by the infinite and random combinations that are produced when a system is open to the public for them to transform it. “I create the system, the rules and the esthetic, but the result is always different. This is what makes me interested about adding interaction to my work.”

Daniel Iregui’s work, often signed as Iregular, has been presented by many music, light and new media festivals in Montreal and abroad. Created at IglooFest in Montreal in 2012, Control No Control has been hosted by various music, art and light international festivals such as Glow (Holland), Les Bains Numériques (Paris), Visual Art Week (Mexico), Shenzen Light Festival (China).



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