Jägermusic presents Huias

Sonido Muchacho. Sp

HUIAS was formed on late 2011 in Gijón by vocalist María Lastra and Alejandro Santana. Bassist Rubén Ondina would join them soon afterwards.

The project started as a blend of folk and trip-hop, but evolved to a more club-oriented sound with contemporary R&B overtones, preserving its original dark, pop spirit.

Their physical releases are: ‘!’ (CD, tape, self-released, 2012); ‘P O PU L A R’ (LP 12”, Sonido Muchacho, 2014) and ‘She can tell us’ (EP 7”, Sonido Muchacho 2016). They have also released several singles with Neonized Records and UK label Love Our Records.

They have shared the stage with such renowned artists as Jessy Lanza, Vessel, Luke Abbott, Throwing Snow, Young Fathers, Jay-Jay Johanson or Matthew Herbert.

In 2015, after their critically-acclaimed debut LP ‘POPULAR’, they were selected to take part in Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in Madrid. They have also won the Best Electronic Recording Award in the Spanish Independent Music Awards.

They have played in festivals such as BBK, FIB or L.E.V. Festival, and in several clubs around Spain.

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