Halcyon Veil. Portugal

London-based electronic artist IVVVO makes an atmospheric strain of electronic music which features industrial beats and an ethereal, ghostly quality. In light of such a socially tumultuous year, 2016, he has shared a standalone track titled “Love” via Halcyon Veil, the electronic imprint founded by Texan producer Rabit. Responding to these uncertain times, the track ominously begins with lyrics that refers to concepts such us lack or loss. “Love” is a somber track that’s full of sonic struggle -but there’s also hope there, too-.

IVVVO discusses his intense hymn to teenage angst, millennial anxiety, and the agony of global political crisis. All this has served to create his own idea of electro- nic music: “Electronic music today is an integral part of our daily existence: clubs are our temples of escapism and cracked copies of Ableton have become tools of global creative liberation”.

Ivo Pacheco is one of these brave new voices, his proposaul represents the ins- tant celebrity culture, generational anxiety, and elusive nostalgia for the 90s.

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