Keysound Recordings. UK

Logos is another pillar of London’s Boxed prism, as well as a celebrated solo producer/DJ, and is also known as 1/3 of the cyberpunk-inspired trio))) The Sprawl, alongside Shapednoise and Mumdance, with whom he runs the Different Circles label and club events.

Across releases for Keysound Recordings, Tectonic, Glacial Sound and his own label, Logos’ productions persistently recall the lush sci-fi darkness and space of late ’90s Metalheadz and Reinforced records, whist isolating and augmenting the mechanics of esque-y instrumental grime and early, ‘ardcore rave in a style he aptly terms Weightless.

In 2016 we hold hopes for a follow-up to the below-kelvin cinematic sound designs of his modern classic Cold Mission (2013) album and the rugged rollers of last year’s Proto collab with Mumdance. Whilst we can confirm or deny nothing at this stage, it’s safe to say that new material is necessary, if not in-progress already for Different Circles, following more recent remixes of M.E.S.H and Mr. Mitch.

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