Samuel Kerridge “Fatal Light Attraction” Live A/V

Downwards. Germany

Samuel Kerridge has garnered a dedicated following for his expertly executed slow churning industrial techno, fusing Sunn O)))-like walls of drone with the chug of heavy machinery.

Following his 2013 debut LP ‘A Fallen Empire’ (Downwards) and 2014 EP ‘Deficit of Wonder’ (Blueprint), Kerridge released his sophomore LP ‘Always Offended Never Ashamed’ as the launch of his CONTORT label in early 2015, an evolution from his infamous Berlin party series.

En su nuevo show la artista visual Mária Júdová controla un sistema de codificación que responde en tiempo real a la fuente de audio y que activa un sistema de iluminación intensa envolvente en sincronía con el sonido.

The ‘Fatal Light Attraction’ LP will be released on Downwards in January 2016, with an A/V show which debuted at Berlin Atonal, and amplified the crushing power he exerts to new extremes. The A/V show by Mária Júdová and Andrej Boleslavský  control a coding system which gives feedback in real-time to the sound and that activate the illumination system. An intense and embracing light synchronized with the sound.

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